Listing Price $197,500

South suburbs chicago

The Company assists its clients across the US with determining which beauty products would be best for their clientele, as well as branding their own lines of beauty products. The Company provides onsite training in product knowledge, retail marketing, and merchandising for its clients as part of its main service package. For the last 27 years, the Company has been assisting its clients with excellent customer service, a variety of products, and industry expertise. 

The product pool offered by the Company includes a variety of high quality skincare products from mineral makeup to lash growth products. Orders are placed directly through the office and the Company tracks the deliveries from start to finish to ensure they arrive on time. Among its clients, the Company has spas, salons, and apothecaries, med spas/doctors/plastic surgeons, and two major beauty chains.

The Seller will assist the new owner with an extended training and transition period to be negotiated to ensure a smooth changeover to the Buyer.

Interested buyers are required to execute an electronic NDA prior to the disclosure of the name and location of the Company. Please call Jim Peddle at 312-525-9622 or email at